Friday, November 4, 2011

Lost or Escape?

Today - 68 Years Ago
November 4, 1943

Minnedosa Tribune - November 4, 1943
Three days after the nineteen PoWs returned for their escapade, it was still undecided as to what the PoWs were doing. When the PoWs returned, it was discovered that many were still dressed in light clothing, suggesting that they weren't prepared for an escape but on the other hand, they certainly weren't familiar with the area. Upon being questioned, they all stated they had not tried to escape; some said they were looking for deer and elk antlers for souvenirs while others said they were just out for a walk. Camp officials agreed with this and reported that it was not an escape attempt. Not everyone agreed. Among them was the investigating RCMP officer who wrote that,
I am of the opinion the prisoners were out exploring the country around the camp and that if some escape was anticipated at a future date they would know in which direction to take.
As for the prisoners, they were let off without charges under the camp spokesman's agreement that restrictions would be enforced and a similar situation would never occur again. The nineteen men remained at the camp.

I've added a poll on the right hand side of the blog so let me know what you think! Was it an escape? a distraction? reconnaissance? or did they actually get lost?

As for the real answer, we don't know.

This, however will change. With the assistance of Adrian Myers, PoW Landmann, one of the 19 men mentioned in my last post, has been found living in Germany. Mr. Landmann is one of six PoWs still living in Germany that I've contacted and hope to visit in the new year...

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