Prisoners of War in Canada
This is my primary website and blog dedicated to my research about German PoWs in Canada.

Homefront Archives and Museum
For anyone interested in the history of Prisoners of War in Canada, this should be your first stop! With the largest collection of material relating to PoWs in Canada and the Veterans Guard, this private museum is definitely worth checking out. Mr. Henderson has also published a number of books relating to PoWs and the Veterans Guard of Canada To see some of his collection and to learn more, check out his website!

Whitewater Lake PoW Camp Archaeology Project
Adrian Myers, a PhD Student from Stanford University, is currently developing his doctorate on the Archaeology and history of the Whitewater Lake/Riding Mountain Park PoW Camp. In the summer of 2010, Adrian and his team of volunteers conducted a 3D survey of the site and began test excavations. Returning in 2011, Adrian and his volunteers, assisted by the Brandon University Archaelogical Field School, began full-scale excavations throughout the summer.